What’s the goddamn point of eating if in the end, we’ll still feel hungry again? And don’t dare to mention  that if we don’t eat, we’ll be powerless. It’s just cliché! We are all bullied by God! We are enslaved by its so called power high above and turns out it hides in our deepest hole in our butt. Oh wait, are they exist? Or sexist? Anyway, I’m so tired of eating and sorry to you, God, I’ll text you later. We have a date remember? 
Fuck pizza! Fuck hamburger! Fuck you grass eating stupid vegans! And fuck you mother earth who has too many mom which I can’t deal with them one by one and makes my head dizzy!  
The point is nothing and it’s really cut down expanses if we are all stop eating! And can you imagine how the world will be if nobody eats? Empty! Exactly! Let’s burn the earth down to the Sun! 


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