What do you think about a scar in a tip toe? Is it cool to have one? anyway, I got it from accident. It was a rain, to be exact, meteor rain. There is this small crazy small fracture came across and hit my tip toe. then I was hozpitalized for a year. I had my tip toe amputated for separated medication, so then I hurt a little for the best treatment and I was diagnozed parkinson too, but as I recall, I always won in every duel but funny, they are all look-alike, and what’s really funnier is that they look just like me. 
During my staying in hospital. I got my self a daily dose of caffeine in a cup of coffee, a small sized cigarettes pack about 5 cm long, no-food or foot, and daily in and out routine with some nurse. They were amazing until they taste so good. 
And now I move out. I’m staying in motel, with double sized bed and reddish cover bed even I wasn’t realyy sure if it’s really red, but it’s rad. Everytime I see the fan on ceiling and focus on how they turn around and around, everything become blue and I can see the moon past through it. And on some other time, I was taken away, high above, and I able to touch the sky, it so soft and cold, dead cold. And some other time I could grab the moon, funny, turns out the moon is so small, about as big as my hand. And the other time, they took me to sail a boat in a bottle of gin, and the nurse drink me up. 


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